We have experience with the following diverse technologies and devices:


Breath Analyzers:

  • Indirect Calorimeter (POC measurement of caloric expenditure in expired breath)      
  • eNO analyzer (POC measurement of airway inflammation in expired breath)      
  • End tidal analysis of CO, CO2, H2 (bedside test for metabolic conditions)      
  • Exhaled breath condensate analyzer (POC measurement of breath aldehydes for oxidative stress)

Clinical Laboratory:

  • POC/POL immunoassay and clinical chemistry analyzers, utilizing single-use, disposable test cartridges
  • Automated enzyme immunoassays (EIA) for clinical laboratories
  • POC coagulation meter (PT/INR)
  • POC meter for measurement of bilirubin in whole blood
  • Bioreactive fluorescent thin-film polymer; flowcell detector (research phase)

Evoked Potentials:

  • Automated auditory brainstem response, “AABR” (bedside screen for newborn’s hearing status by detecting brainstem’s electrical response to auditory stimulus)      
  • EEG      
  • Posturography     

General Medicine:

  • LED phototherapy light (treatment for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia)      
  • Non-invasive arterial and venous O2 saturation monitor     

Physical Medicine:

  • Minimally invasive, single use electrothermal arthroscopic and spinal surgical devices, RF (radiofrequency) generator      
  • Vasopneumatic compression and cryotherapy;
  • Rehabilitation devices     

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